“IPhone 8” replaces Lightning connector allegedly by USB-C

IPhone 8 Image

Apple’s next flagship iPhone is replacing the soon-five-year-old proprietary Lightning port against a USB port to type C, according to a report. The 1000-dollar iPhone relies on a curved OLED display, it says.

The iPhone 8 is based on a flexible OLED display, as well as a USB-C port instead of the lightning port, as the Wall Street Journal reports on Tuesday. The compact USB port to Usb type C, which is now found on several Android smartphones, serves both the charging and the connection “other periphery”. The Wirtschaftszeitung does not provide further details.

In addition to the flagship model with curved OLED display, whose price could start at around 1000 dollars, Apple also wants to introduce two new iPhone models, which continue to rely on LC displays: These are so far as “iPhone 7s” and ” “IPhone 7s Plus” traded. Whether USB-C is only to be used in “iPhone 8” or in all three new iPhone models, remains unclear.

USB-C on iPhone and iPad has facilitated peripheral connectivity

2015, Apple has begun to equip Macs with USB-C: The 12 “MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Pro rely exclusively on this interface. The use of USB-C in the iPhone and iPad would greatly simplify the connection of peripherals: Currently, for example, users have to use two adapters to connect an iOS device via Ethernet cable.

The abandonment of the Lightning port only five years after the introduction with the iPhone 5 would, however, be unusual – especially since Apple has introduced in the past years only new peripherals with Lightning connection, among them recently the Charbox of the AirPods and 2015 the Apple Pencil, the Can be charged directly on the iPad.

According to the economic newspaper, the “iPhone 8” also renounces the classic home button: a new touch function bar takes over this task, it was said before in a report. Whether Apple’s fingerprint sensor Touch ID integrated into the OLED display – the Group holds appropriate patents – or to other biometric data such as a face detection sets, is currently still open.

IPhone 8″ probably comes in September

The introduction of “iPhone 8”, “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus” is expected as usual for September. Observers expect the “iPhone 8” to be equipped with a nearly borderless display, which should have a usable area of around 5.15 “- but retains the size of the 4.7” -iPhones. With a “stacked” main board, Apple could be able to equip the compact device with the much larger battery. The integration of wireless charging technology has also been under discussion for some time.

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